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Sample Photo
Displayed June 28, 2012
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Boston Skyline With Clouds and Charles River Sails
Boston Skyline With Clouds and Charles River Sails
Photo by Fred Koschara
June 27, 2006   Sony F-717
Sample Photo
Displayed November 29, 2007
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Bridges In Dusk, from Cambridge
Bridges In Dusk, from Cambridge
Photo by Fred Koschara
June 26, 2003   Sony F-717

Through this site, you can purchase limited edition prints of photographs taken by Fred Koschara, displayed on and other sites.

Limited edition prints are signed, numbered and printed on archival quality paper with permanent pigment-based ink. Consequently, they represent a real investment opportunity.

All of the prints we are currently offering are either in 8x10 inch or 11x17 class (A3 size) format, and may be purchased either mounted and matted, or in any of a variety of frames. See the About Frames page for an overview of the frames we are offering.

The supply of prints is limited to 25 copies of each image. The first 15 copies in each set are offered at a fixed base price, while the next 7 are priced incrementally higher. (See the chart on the About Buying page for more information about print prices.) The final 3 prints in each set will be sold at auction on this site. Current pricing and auction information is shown on the page for each individual image.

You must have a customer/member account in order to purchase prints or place bids. Signing up for your member account is free and easy, simply go to the Sign Up page and fill in the required information. We don't rent, sell or otherwise share our customer lists with anyone, so you don't have to worry about getting innundated with SPAM as a result of giving us your email address. (Feel free to review our full Privacy Policy if you have any concerns.)

Thanks for your interest! Feel free to browse through our catalog, and we hope you find a picture that strikes your fancy. If so, our shopping cart system will make it easy for you to have it to hanging on your wall!

We look forward to your business!

Sample Photo
Displayed November 17, 2011
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Fascinated Penny on a Field Trip, Dell Court, Lynn
Fascinated Penny on a Field Trip, Dell Court, Lynn
Photo by Fred Koschara
November 8, 2011   Sony A850
Sample Photo
Displayed March 4, 2014
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March Forth 2014; Peabody Sunset at the Post Office
March Forth 2014; Peabody Sunset at the Post Office

I am an intelligent, creative and optimistic individual.
I have learned from my past.
I am happy I have learned what I have.
I am applying the knowledge I have gotten to my present situation,
  and will continue to do so in the future.
I am happy that I have gotten the experience that I have.
I am not happy with my present situation,
  but I am happy with the direction I am going.
I am not happy with the rate I have been progressing,
  but I am happy that I am accelerating the rate of my progress.
I am happy I have the skills I do, but I am not satisfied with their number.
I will learn more skills in the future,
  and revitalize those that have fallen into disuse.
I will not stagnate;
  I cannot allow myself to fall backward;
    therefore, I will progress.
I want my future to include my dreams.
My chosen future can only be mine if I earn it.
Therefore, I will earn it.
Nothing can stop me because I am determined to succeed.
The only thing that can stop me from achieving what I want is my own negativity.
Since I want the things I want,
  and the only obstacle is myself,
I can, and will, conquer everything in my path.
I will succeed this time.
I will allow no other results.
So be it.

Photo by Fred Koschara
March 3, 2014   Sony A99



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